Watkins Glen State Park Top Down

Watkins Glen State Park is a beautiful location. Maybe one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. The park is beautiful all around. And I am fortunate to live right nearby.

The beauty of the park is almost overwhelming. There are parts of the park where the beauty is more concentrated. The beauty of the park takes on a spectacular quality. As in the beauty becomes dramatic and eye catching.

The spectacular forms of beauty are really concentrated at the lower portions of the gorge that makes up the park. If you walk the lower parts of the gorge you are quickly confronted with amazing waterfall after amazing waterfall.

Near the bottom of the gorge trail the gorge itself is narrower and there are steeper drop offs where the water has carved away the stone. This really creates a sense of drama.

If you have not been to Watkins Glen State Park but have seen a photo or even if you do a quick google search you have most likely seen a photo from the beginning portions of the gorge trail.

I wanted to create a project with a different focus.

This has been a preview of my eBook featuring Watkins Glen State Park.

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