One Photo A Day | Day 153 | Lilacs At Night

One photo a day challenge: Day 153.

Lately I have been experimenting with using more artificial lighting in my photography. I have really enjoyed the flexibility the Lume Cube lights I now have in my tool kit have afforded me.

I have used these lights to make photographing in low lighting inside the house possible. The lights have also made photographing outside at night possible. And I have used these lights as additional lighting to brighten up photographs outside during the day.

However, the common theme to all of those photographic settings is I am usually using a macro lens and shooting close up. I am usually isolating one subject within the frame. The lighting is all narrowly focus on one subject.

Today I decided I wanted to try and do something A little bit different. Shoot at night. Use the Lume Cube lights. But instead of shooting close up use my 20mm f2.8 lens and try to include a larger subject in the image.

Our lilac bush just started to blossom. The sweet fragrance of lilacs fills the air outside the house. I decided that I would try to photograph the lilacs. Trying not to be as close up as I have been with other subjects at night was the goal.

Lilacs at night

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