One Photo A Day | Day 124 | Cherry Tree Blossom

One photo a day challenge: Day 124.

Spring continues to progress up here on the hill where we live. Living up at a little bit of elevation has a strange effect on spring for us. When we drive down off our hill we see grass greening, plants sprouting, leaves unfurling and flowers blossoming.

We see all these signs of spring happening down in town. But for us up on the hill it is like spring still hasn’t arrived fully. We see all the normal signs of spring in town, but it is only a foreshadowing of what is to come for us.

Finally we have reached the time of year where our early spring flowers like daffodils and tulips have bloomed and faded and our flowering trees have now begun to bloom as they have been for some time down in town.

We seem to have finally passed the threshold of frost being likely over night. So now we are stocking up on plants regularly. Between the blooming trees and the flowers we have acquired I have quite an abundance of photography subjects right now.

I decided to share this photograph of a flower blossom from the cherry tree in our front yard today, because unlike so many flowers we have these blossoms do not last very long at all. They are beautiful but fleeting.

This specific photograph I am sharing is very intriguing to me. Typically I prefer photographs of flowers where the flower is as perfect looking as it can be. Not a blemish or flaw. No signs of wilting or destruction to it.

However, this blossom is missing one of its petals. I like that for this photograph because it allows for an image that cannot always be created from this angle. Without that other petal all of the internal structures of the flower are exposed and open for view. This creates an effect as if you were looking at a cross section of the flower.

I find this to be a compelling look. And I didn’t do anything to make it happen. I just randomly stumbled across this blossom among the countless others comprising the cherry tree. Sometimes it truly is better to be lucky than good.

Cherry Tree Blossom.

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