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We as people often have many things we want to do or accomplish in our lives. And just as often we have many things we simply never get around to doing. There are an infinite number of reasons and excuses why we may not get something done that we have always wanted to do. Often the most obvious reason we don’t get something done is that we haven’t prioritized it. As a… Read More

I always love finding new flowers to photograph. Something I have never seen before always piques my interest. Several years ago I saw these tiny little purple flowers growing along the edge of the woods where we live. I started photographing them and looking for them every year. And the flowers returned every year. Always blooming in the same little area of the woods. Never seeming to spread. I assumed these flowers… Read More

I love going out exploring and finding just a little something unexpected. When we think of flowers we often think of beautiful flower gardens. Wildflowers growing in an open field. Other wildflowers growing along the forest floor often along a path or trail. But nature is full of surprises. Plants and flowers are hardier than we expect. This Trillium flower is growing out from between the roots of a large tree that… Read More

Queen Anne’s Lace is an interesting flower from just about any angle you chose to photograph it. From the distance Queen Anne’s Lace looks like a large white flower. Up close it looks quite different. When you look closely the Queen Anne’s Lace is actually comprised of many tiny little flowers. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many tiny flowers compose each larger flower head. The wild growing flowers make for… Read More

Daisies are a pretty common wildflower in our area. As with most of my flower photography I like to try to get a close up look at the flowers. Trying to create an image that shows the flower in a different way. One of the cool things about taking a closer than normal look a t a flower is that sometimes you find a surprise. I never would have seen this tiny… Read More

Often in my flower photography I focus on detail. More likely one specific detail. This image is different. I focused on one specific element. But that element almost completely erases detail. The focus in this image is the very tip of the closest flower petal. At a shallow depth of field this puts everything else out of focus. This image is more a study of shape and color than anything else. Photo… Read More

The New England Aster is one of my favorite wildflowers. I like them because they appear in late summer and into the fall. The New England Aster petals folded up like this give the flowers a different type of look. Normally the petals are extended out to the sides from the yellow center. Focusing on the center with the petals protruding forward creates more depth to the image. Photo details: Nikon D500…. Read More

Hedge Bindweed Looking for a subtly beautiful flower to photograph? Look down. Follow the ground. It might be right next to your foot. The Hedge Bindweed grows like a vine along the ground. Spreading out amongst the other foliage. The flowers can pop up anywhere there is available space. At the edge of a yard or along a river. I love how the light is striking this one flower and the rest… Read More

Fringed Polygala. I never knew these tiny little flowers existed until I moved to where we live now. These tiny little wildflowers grow in the same area at the edge of our woods every year. The Fringed Polygala never seem to expand or grow larger. They never seem to fill in more space. They grow in small groups and as individuals. Fringed Polygala flowers pop up in seemingly random locations. They will… Read More

Crown Vetch are pretty incredible flowers in my opinion. Not flashy or showy. But they take advantage of whatever is left to them. Edges of roadside. Unmown sections of yard. Unmaintained river banks. I think these flowers are beautiful, but most people probably consider them a weed because they just crop up wherever a space is left unattended. I love that about them. They grow to fit the environment. I try to… Read More

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