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I had never heard of a Strawflower until a couple of years ago. I really like them. So different than other flowers. The petals on the Strawflower are the opposite of most other flowers. Instead of being soft and delicate the petals on a strawflowers are firm and strong. Firm but not brittle. The petals hold their shape as they unfold from around the center. I love the pointy spikey shapes and… Read More

Brightly colored flower blossom. Close up. It almost looks like a star to me. The center of the flower blossom. Color radiating out from there. The color is most intense in the center. As the streaks of color emanate farther from the center they lose their intensity. The same way the light from a star does. Photo details: Nikon D300. Nikon 60mm f/2.8. Focal length 60mm. ISO 400. 1/2000 sec. f/3.8. Thank… Read More

I don’t know if the type of flower that is the subject of this photograph is evident in this image. And maybe that is exactly the point. Getting a nice close up look at a Peony flower blossom dissolves the type of flower we are looking at. It renders it into petals and shapers and textures. Perhaps completely unidentifiable if you are not an expert. Enjoy the image for the beauty, the… Read More

As I have explored flowers through my photography I have learned there are many different varieties of Hydrangea. I became so enamored with the Hydrangea flowers that I wanted to have one I could see and photograph regularly. I ordered a Hydrangea bush from the Arbor Day Foundation. Then I planted that small sapling bush along the side of my house. The tiny Hydrangea plant has grown rapidly. It is now one… Read More

In this macro photo the focus is right at the center of the flower. This photo of a Cosmos flower was shot with a shallow depth of field. The center of the flower is farther away from the lens of the camera than the petals or the green foliage around it. So the farther we look away from the center of the image the more out of focus the rest of the… Read More

I have enjoyed photographing Columbine flowers a variety of times over the years. The Columbine blossoms can be very interesting to photograph close up. The blossom of a Columbine protrudes from the center in multiple directions. This creates an opportunity to be really selective in ones focus. Getting in close and focusing with a shallow depth of field on one specific part of the flower creates a small slice of focus. Then… Read More

I really like Bleeding Heart flowers. They have such an interesting shape and texture to them. Especially when you look closely at the flowers you can see more subtle shapes. There are more folds and nuance to their form than is immediately obvious. I have been trying to grow a Bleeding Heart plant at my house for some time now. The Bleeding Heart plant does return every year, but it never seems… Read More

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