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We as people often have many things we want to do or accomplish in our lives. And just as often we have many things we simply never get around to doing. There are an infinite number of reasons and excuses why we may not get something done that we have always wanted to do. Often the most obvious reason we don’t get something done is that we haven’t prioritized it. As a… Read More

Worlds End State Park is a beautiful location. So many specific locations worth checking out. But it is also worth it to take the time to enjoy a simple forest scene in the park. I love the mixture of colors and subjects in this image. Greens in the foreground and background. The middle of the image is dominated by browns. Trees standing tall creating vertical lines. A small stream at the bottom… Read More

I haven’t spent a ton of time photographing Mushrooms and other Fungi. I want to work with them as subjects more. They are very interesting to me as a part of nature and as photography subjects. The work I have done with them so far has turned out well enough. I am not sure that I am particularly satisfied with how I have been incorporating them into the style of photography I… Read More

Fringed Polygala. I never knew these tiny little flowers existed until I moved to where we live now. These tiny little wildflowers grow in the same area at the edge of our woods every year. The Fringed Polygala never seem to expand or grow larger. They never seem to fill in more space. They grow in small groups and as individuals. Fringed Polygala flowers pop up in seemingly random locations. They will… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 309. Sometimes trying to find that one image in the woods is a challenge. I didn’t see anything that was jumping out to me. There were no little interesting pieces of nature calling ot to me for photos. But there was this light. And there was this shaggy moss hanging off a tree trunk. The Sunlight was streaming in. Backlighting the moss. No light on the… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 216. I went outside today. Just looking for something to photograph. No real plan. Wandered around the yard. Looking at plants. Just watching and observing. Looking for something interesting. As I meandered through the edge of the woods I watched the light. Trying to see how the light fell on the life in the forest. The sun was bright outside. Most things were brightly illuminated. But… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 188. Today I spent a few minutes walking in the forest. The forest is so lush with green right now. The trees with growth along their bark. Fully leafed out trees. Understory fully grown. All of these contribute to the emerald green beauty of the forest. But today I was interested to see if there were any wildflowers blooming in the forest this time of year…. Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 98. I finally got around to visiting a place that I have been wanting to visit for a few years now. I was unaware of this place existing until the past few years. It’s so close to me yet remained invisible. I heard of it because I saw that a trail race was being put on there. I haven’t been able to run the race yet,… Read More

I love running the Red Trail at Tanglewood. It is probably my favorite trail. I am really enjoying this challenge of running it at a fast pace. It is different than most of my runs here.

The Nikon 50mm lens I use has the potential to be a versatile lens. A photographer could create a lot of different types of photography with this lens. The lens has a lot of potential. I can’t recall exactly why I decided to add this piece of equipment to my camera bag. If I had to guess I would imagine it was due to the fact that the lens has an f-stop… Read More

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