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One photo a day challenge: Day 259. Today I set out with my macro lens. I walked along the edge of a field with bushes. I was looking at the leaves and flowers. Finding subjects to photograph. I began to notice all the pollinators moving amongst the flowers. There were bees, hornets, wasps, and a cool looking beetle. The bees were moving too fast. It was challenging to compose and image and… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 253. I often set out to create photos with something in mind to photograph. But I am always hoping that something at least a little unexpected will happen. There are some things you can plan for and some things that you can’t. The best you can do is hope fore the opportunity to arise. Then you have to be prepared to take advantage of the situation…. Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 222. In my previous post I mentioned I picked up some new flowers to use as photogrpahy subjects. So over the next few days I will try to focus on one of those new flowers as the days subject. I was drawn to this plant because of its vine like branching structure and the clusters of small pink flowers at the ends of the branching stems.

One photo a day challenge: Day 215. Todays photographs are from our flowers out on our back deck. The flowers grow wonderfully in our large flower pots on our railing. I love the bold colors. I also really like the composition. One flower up front and in clear focus. Another flower in the next layer. Just a bit out of focus. And then there is another flower in the back layer completely… Read More

One photo a day: Day 210. I love photographing flowers. It is a joy because the flowers are so beautiful. There is also joy in photographing flowers because of the little surprises you can find. There are so many opportunities to find other small parts of the natural world. Today as I strolled through the Cornell Botanic Gardens I saw a variety of the tiny wonders we share this planet with. There… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 171. I have been unsuccessfully trying to grow milkweed in my yard for several years. I have scattered sees across my yard with no apparent success. People have even given me plants from their yards to try transplanting to our yard. That did not seem to take. On a few occasions milkweed plants have started to grow in my yard. On those occasions they have either… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 147. After a day being out and about creating photography I kept my photography at home today. Yesterday my main goal was to focus ion the animal kingdom as photography subjects. Today I brought the focus back to the flowers on our deck. It was getting late evening. The sun was getting low. I was studying the flowers. Looking to see how the light was hitting… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 136. It has been a parade of flowers at our house now that it has finally warmed up and stayed warm. I love flowers. They really brighten up the environment. They are also great photography subject. Not only do flowers make you feel better and help with creativity they also do double duty. Flowers are great photography subjects. And flowers also attract great photography subjects. That… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 134: A little bit of night time. A little bit of lighting. A little bit of blue flowers. A little bit close up. A little bitty f-stop.

One photo a day challenge: Day 130: I went out for a short bird watching walk today. I was hoping to have a nice bird photo to share today. I did see some of the White-Crowned Sparrows again. No really nice photos were achieved and no other birds I was hoping for made an appearance. So for todays photo sessions it goes like this: There is a frost warning tonight. I had… Read More

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