One Photo A Day | Day 313 | Autumn Still Life

One photo a day challenge: Day 313.

Today seemed like a good day to work with my fall décor some more.

What are some creative ways I could photograph my fall themed items?

I reviewed my recent photos to see what I had done in the past.

The last thing I wanted to do was replicate something I had done recently.

In trying to decide what to photograph I decided to work with the combination of t bunch of corn cobs, the small white pumpkin, and the even smaller green pumpkin.

I used two different backgrounds for these images.

The objects were placed on a black surface. The background behind the images was a white surface.

This should create a nice clean look so the subjects stand out.

Often when I do my lighting I focus it on one side. But for this shoot I spread it out so everything would be pretty evenly lit.

I wasn’t quite sure what angles I was going to shoot from and I didn’t want to constantly move lights to adjust to what I was doing.

I don’t know if this was the best photo I made today, but I certainly think it was interesting. A good combination of colors and shapes. Interesting contrasts. Differences in focus from sharp to blurry.

Corn and Pumpkins

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