One Photo A Day | Day 59 | Love The Light

One photo a day challenge: Day 59.

I can’t believe that this closes out two straight months I have been doing this project now. I don’t know where this will take me but I am really enjoying the process.

Peaches, loving the light.

Sometimes you can try to make the photo happen. But sometimes the best photos happen when you just let the subject do what comes natural.

Peaches is a very friendly cat. She always wants attention. She will do almost anything I want to get that attention. So she is very easy to photograph.

But this photo is my favorite on from today. It is when she stopped paying attention to me. She turned away from me and walked over to the light I had set up for the photos.

Peaches walked up to the light and started rubbing on it as cats do.

I love how this created bright illumination on her face with a lot of dark shadow and left just a little bit of light getting past to illuminate some of her body just a bit.

I probably could not have gotten her to do that if I wanted. Nor did it occur to me to try to get her to do that.

Natural behavior creates the best photos.

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