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Supporting The Arts

Art makes up a huge swath of our lives. Art is present in ways that we may not even think about. The TV  shows and the movies we watch involve untold numbers of artists working in a variety of ways so that we can enjoy those products. Writers, actors, directors, photography, and digital artists just to name a few work together to bring these things to us. The books we read are works of art. That giant billboard with the cool text and photography that is also art.

Then there are the more traditional works of art we think of: Painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, poetry. These are the kinds of things most people think of when we talk about art and there are many more items that can be included in that list. Many of us enjoy art in its various forums from museums, to art galleries, to public performances. Most of the people who support art also want to support art and the artists that create it.

Wine Country Circuit Dog Show_September 29, 2017_5

One of the most challenging thing in these times is figuring out how exactly to best do that. How do we support the arts that we love? Many artists offer their works for sale, but that can be problematic for many reasons. The price of artwork varies from reasonably affordable to something most people could never afford. I am not criticizing anyone’s pricing of artwork. It is just a complication in the art world. You may really love a piece of art but there may be no way you could ever afford to buy the piece you love and enjoy, so how do you show your support to the artist and show your appreciation for their work? Another challenge that arises with works of art is that they take up space. Some of them a lot of space. Perhaps there is a piece of art you love and could afford but were in your house would you put it? Thi can be quite a challnge. If you love art or perhaps are an artist yourself you probably already have a great deal of art in your home. So, if you can’t buy a piece because you have no place to put it how do you support the artist and show your appreciation for what they do?

There is clearly no easy answer to the conundrum of how to best support artists directly. However, for me there is one process that I have found that I really like and that is the website Patreon. This is a great site for creators. People who enjoy creative endeavors can go here and support artists and other creatives directly. People can interact with the creators and enjoy becoming part of the process and even earn rewards for supporting the creators. My goal is to become increasingly involved here and support the people whose work I enjoy through this site.

Cornell Plantations_April 25, 2017_321

I believe this website solves some of the biggest problems I raised above regarding supporting artists through buying their work as I mentioned above. You can contribute as little as $1 up to any amount you want on a monthly basis to help support what the creator is bringing into the world. Thus helping to ensure that the creator is able to keep on working. If you want to support an artist but can’t or don’t want to plunk down the whole amount of the price for a piece of artwork all at one time perhaps consider spreading that amount out over monthly payments to support that artist.

I have been becoming increasing active on Patreon. I really think this is the future of art. I try to share more and more about what I have been doing there so that people who might wish to support me can learn about what I do. I recently began to receive support from my first patrons on the website and it is a great feeling to know that people believe in you and want to contribute directly to the work you are doing. I appreciate the support so much. If you enjoy what you see on this blog or elsewhere on the website or my social media please consider supporting me here: KRNaturalPhoto/Patreon


Some Art Exhibit Photos

For anyone who was unable to visit and enjoy the opening of my joint art exhibit with my dad here are some photos I was able to take during the show.

I tried to capture a few long exposure photos to show people moving through the exhibit space.

The images themselves didn’t come out as well as I had hoped but trying to capture some photos and mingle with guests was more challenging than I had anticipated.


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Luke_April 05, 2014_250

I loved my time photographing this old man dog, Luke, back in 2014. He was such a joy. It is great to see it when an older dog still has the spark. This is some of the great work the Chemung County SPCA does. They make sure older dogs like Luke have a home to live out the rest of their years the way it should be.

I am currently working on a project to help bring more awareness to the amazing work the Chemung County SPCA does. The project will consist of an art exhibit, on display at the Chemung County Historical Society, featuring photographs of dogs that have been at the shelter. Learn more about this project ans support hit here: Shelter Dogs at the Museum: Part 2. The exhibit will begin June.

Meet Troy

Troy_April 25, 2016_200

This is Troy. Who wouldn’t want to bring home this big slobbery guy. Look at him slinging the slobber after playing in the pool. He is a bundle of energy and would need lots of exercise. Go visit him at the Chemung County SPCA if you want someone to play with.

Visit my project Shelter Dogs at the Museum for an opportunity to support a unique art exhibit with the goal of raising awareness of shelter dogs.


I have been lucky enough to work with Paddy twice now. When I first met her she had just recently come to the shelter and she seemed a bit down. You could just look at her and sense that she was sad.

When I visited her this weekend it was obvious that her mood has improved. She is adjusting to life at the shelter well. You can see she has a different demeanor about her. Her posture is different and she has a little more energy. Her attitude is just much improved.

Paddy_April 11, 2016_7

I spent some time with her outside in the large play area. Paddy was all about strolling around and doing her thing. She would come over to me for some petting and scratching when I offered.

She is a very calm dog. She is ready for human contact whenever it is offered but she is able to be off on her own if you are busy at the moment. She is not an overly clingy dog that will be constantly all over you.

Paddy_April 11, 2016_32

She will be the perfect companion for someone looking for a dog who is up for short walks and some time relaxing.

I am currently working on a project to literally display how great shelter dogs are and bring more attention to them. You can learn more about my project here: Shelter Dogs at the Museum. Please consider contributing to the campaign or sharing the project with your friends on social media.

Paddy_April 11, 2016_27

Great photos of dogs at the shelter help dogs find homes faster. The faster shelter staff can connect dogs with their forever homes the better for everyone. Dogs get to go home and humans get to start a life with a new best friend.

Help me make an impact on the lives of shelter dogs and the humans who adopt them by contributing to my campaign

Meet Your Next Best Friend

I’ve made a lot of friends over the years and if you are a dog lover like me you count a lot of dogs among them. Two of my best friends became part of my lives completely by coincidence. We met our dogs Brynn and Kira at the Chemung County SPCA and they became family.
Wine Country Circuit_September 27, 2015_9688
Kira watching lure coursing.
You can meet your next best friend at the Chemung County SPCA too.
I am working on a project to highlight some of the amazing dogs that pass through the Chemung County SPCA on their way to their forever homes. This project will feature large print photographs of some of the dogs that have been at the shelter to see. It will be on display at the Chemung County Historical Society Museum for all to see.
Help me make this project the best it can be by contributing to my crowd funding campaign Shelter Dogs at the Museum and sharing it with all your friends and family on social media:
This is the final push to get this project fully funded. The campaign ends in one week. Please donate to help me support our local shelter animals.
Outside Our House_February 28, 2016_230
Brynn all muddy after playing in the yard.
I want to thank the Chemung County SPCA and the Chemung County Historical Society for making this project possible. I couldn’t be doing this without their support.

Kira Came To Us

I photograph A LOT of dogs. I mean a lot! I love doing it. I have come to think of it as something I was meant to do. Photographing dogs brings so much joy into my life. I love creating great photographs of my own dogs. But, I really love that I have found a way to put my talents to use for an even higher purpose.

Outside Our House_Dec062009_0003-2

As my photography career has developed, I have put my talents to use in a wide variety of situations. Several years ago my wife became involved at our local SPCA. At one point, a mutual friend of ours who worked at the shelter asked if I could take a few photographs of a dog there. I was happy to do it. I had never photographed a dog at a shelter before. I still remember him. His name was Bogart. He was a brown and white pit mix type dog. He was such a friendly dog.

Bogart - SPCA - December 10, 2011-20-2

I thought photographing Bogart at the shelter was just a one off. I was happy to help out and take some photos but I never really thought I would do it again. Little did I know what it would lead to.

Butch_March 09, 2013_4

Several years into my adventure in photographing shelter dogs this big hairy beast came galloping into my life. I love big dogs. When I first met Kira and took her outside to photograph, I really liked her. She was a gorgeous dog. She was super friendly and had a great personality. There had been plenty of other dogs at the shelter that I had photographed that I had liked but none of them was quite the fit for me that Kira was.

Kira_November 22, 2014_71

Still, I was not really looking for a dog. We had four at home already. I really liked Kira but I was sure she would find a great home through the shelter. When I shared her photos on social media I commented, that someone better go see her soon at the SPCA and adopt her before I do. After all, I couldn’t take every dog I photographed at the shelter home with me.

Kira_November 22, 2014_26

I never really mentioned Kira much to my wife. I certainly did not say anything about possibly adopting her. Little did I know my wife was busy falling for Kira as well.  In her job at the shelter, my wife found herself often spending a lot of time with Kira. She found herself really enjoying Kira’s company. Kira is such a loving dog. I think she could make anyone fall in love with her.

Kira_March 09, 2015_26

Eventually my wife mentioned to me how much she liked Kira. I told her that I really liked Kira too. We have had five dogs most of the past eight years or so. It wasn’t a huge deal for us to take on a fifth dog. So after some discussion we decided we wanted to adopt Kira.

Wine Country Circuit_September 27, 2015_9713

Shortly thereafter, we brought Kira home and introduced her to her new siblings Sierra, Buck, Mojo, and Brynn. Photographing shelter dogs has introduced me to a whole new world of dogs. It is a whole new way of relating to dogs. It is an experience like no other that leads to forming bonds like no other. If you have the opportunity to interact with a shelter dog in any capacity I highly recommend you take it. It will enhance your life in ways you never thought possible and it will enhance the life of that shelter dog in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Help me highlight the work the Chemung County SPCA does so others can find great friends like I did with Kira by supportin gmy project here:

Kira_December 14, 2015_7