I have been lucky enough to work with Paddy twice now. When I first met her she had just recently come to the shelter and she seemed a bit down. You could just look at her and sense that she was sad.

When I visited her this weekend it was obvious that her mood has improved. She is adjusting to life at the shelter well. You can see she has a different demeanor about her. Her posture is different and she has a little more energy. Her attitude is just much improved.

Paddy_April 11, 2016_7


I spent some time with her outside in the large play area. Paddy was all about strolling around and doing her thing. She would come over to me for some petting and scratching when I offered.

She is a very calm dog. She is ready for human contact whenever it is offered but she is able to be off on her own if you are busy at the moment. She is not an overly clingy dog that will be constantly all over you.

Paddy_April 11, 2016_32


She will be the perfect companion for someone looking for a dog who is up for short walks and some time relaxing.

I am currently working on a project to literally display how great shelter dogs are and bring more attention to them. You can learn more about my project here: Shelter Dogs at the Museum. Please consider contributing to the campaign or sharing the project with your friends on social media.

Paddy_April 11, 2016_27


Great photos of dogs at the shelter help dogs find homes faster. The faster shelter staff can connect dogs with their forever homes the better for everyone. Dogs get to go home and humans get to start a life with a new best friend.

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