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Last Night With Pups

Tonight is our last night with the four foster puppies that we are fostering through the Chemung County SPCA. These are four of the dogs they transported up to the shelter from the south. We spent the evening playing outside for a while and I was able to capture some photos. Help me support the Chemung County SPCA by buying one of these prints from my website for prints at KRNaturalPhoto prints and I will donate 50% of the cost to the SPCA. Also join us at a fundraiser for the Chemung County SPCA on June 30th at Four Fights Distilling in Corning, NY. Thank you for all of your support.


I was able to get outside and take a few photographs of our new foster dog Sammy.

Our Dogs_March 06, 2017_27
Sammy, our newest foster dog.

I also found the below about why we rescue dogs. I didn’t write it and there was no citation to it.

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Kira Came To Us

I photograph A LOT of dogs. I mean a lot! I love doing it. I have come to think of it as something I was meant to do. Photographing dogs brings so much joy into my life. I love creating great photographs of my own dogs. But, I really love that I have found a way to put my talents to use for an even higher purpose.

Outside Our House_Dec062009_0003-2

As my photography career has developed, I have put my talents to use in a wide variety of situations. Several years ago my wife became involved at our local SPCA. At one point, a mutual friend of ours who worked at the shelter asked if I could take a few photographs of a dog there. I was happy to do it. I had never photographed a dog at a shelter before. I still remember him. His name was Bogart. He was a brown and white pit mix type dog. He was such a friendly dog.

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