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Buck is HOME!!!!

Over the weekend our ten year old Bernese Mountain Dog was involved in an accident and required some extensive surgery. His surgery included fixing broken bones with hardware and repairing a dislocated hip. There was a broken bone in his foot, in his lower leg. The dislocated hip required a femoral head osteotomy.

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Bear was a fairly animated dog when I spent time with him to photograph him. He was very curious about just about everything. He spent the whole time outside exploring the large enclosure.

Bear_April 11, 2016_69

Bear investigated all the smells. Bear spent a fair amount of time looking out of the enclosure staring at things that he found interesting. Bear also became very interested in sounds. Whenever he heard a noise he would look for the source. It was difficult to tell if he was listening to and watching the birds but that seemed to be a possibility as they were quite busy and noisy nearby.

Bear is a friendly guy who is searching for the next thing to entertain him. Maybe that something is you? Bear would love you forever if you provided him with some joyful fun entertainment.

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Always great friends to be found at the shelter

I once again had a wonderful opportunity to photograph the dogs currently for adoption at the Chemung County SPCA. There are currently three dogs available for adoption: Bear, Kenya, and Paddy.

SPCA_April 11, 2016_240

Each of these dogs will make a wonderful friend for some lucky human(s).

If you love dogs stop in and pay them a visit. They will appreciate it even if you can’t take one of them home. Stop in and say hi and give them a few treats for having all four on the floor.

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Meet Your Next Best Friend

I’ve made a lot of friends over the years and if you are a dog lover like me you count a lot of dogs among them. Two of my best friends became part of my lives completely by coincidence. We met our dogs Brynn and Kira at the Chemung County SPCA and they became family.
Wine Country Circuit_September 27, 2015_9688
Kira watching lure coursing.
You can meet your next best friend at the Chemung County SPCA too.

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Playtime in the Pond

We had a bit of a thaw here in upstate NY. So, Brynn thought it would be a good time to play in the pond. The ice had receded from around the edges. It was nice and muddy and wet. Just what Brynn loves, a nice muddy wet place to play.

Outside Our House_February 28, 2016_133

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Happy Holidays from Us and the Dogs

As 2015 comes to a close I can’t help but feel how fortunate I am. I live in a great country. I have a great wife who loves me. I have family that is always there if I need them. And not least of all did I mention all the dogs.

We all have trials and tribulations in life. Things we wish we did or did differently. Guess what? Its in the past let it go. I know its hard. I struggle with it daily myself. Instead focus on those things that bring joy and happiness into your life.

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