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How to find time to do what we love:

My life has taken so many twists and turns that I would never have imagined.

Very little of my life includes anything I would have imagined for myself as I entered adulthood.

I think one reason for that is that I live my life by feeling and emotion and inspiration. I follow the things that I am passionate about and those things naturally evolve over time and take you far afield from where you ever thought you’d go.

In my pursuit of goals and dreams and happiness I have made decisions that have had consequences. These consequences result in holding me back from truly pursuing my dreams with all my energy. This is the reality we all live in. Our actions have consequences and they cannot be seen at the time. We do the best we can. We stumble and we fall but we get back up again.

For many of us who are motivated to chase dreams and goals we are held back by the practical realities of life. Our jobs and our bills prevent us from pursuing our best selves.

If we are lucky we can carve out enough time outside of our jobs to pursue one other passion on a part time basis. But what if there are more than one element of life we are passionate about.

This is where I am at the present moment. I feel like one of my passions, pursuit of knowledge and education was already snuffed out by the pressures of practical reality and not being able to fit it in with my job and other passions.

Now I struggle as I near a decade at a job that I feel only holds me back, preventing me from being my best self.
My passion for photography and for running has grown over the years driving me to do more and more. I increasingly want to expand what I do. I want to offer more and more through my photography. I want to take on more different and challenging events in running. At this point it just feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to work my 9 to 5 job and pursue both of these passions in a way that makes me happy.

I often feel like I need to choose one over the other. Prioritize one over the other. I can either be the type of photographer I want to be or I can be the type of runner I want to be. Practical reality dictates that I need to choose. Am I destined to be unsatisfied in both pursuits if I try to chase both dreams and work a regular job. Is that a life I can be happy with?

Unfortunately the way life works you sometimes don’t learn what truly makes you happy and what you truly want to devote your life to until later in life. Often by that time we have already made a series of choices that has led us down a particular path or more likely locked us into place on a track. I am in the process of accelerating my car along the track to where I can jump the track and escape the life I inadvertently locked myself into.

This is why I need your support. You are the reason I do what I do. I write and I create art for you. I want to share my experiences and my art with you and only through your support will I be able to do so. Only with your support will I be able to create work that is worthy of you. So please support me on Patreon at the following link so I can continue to grow my experiences and so I can jump the track and provide better for you. You can contribute as little as $1 or as much as you like. Any amount is greatly appreciated. You can also earn rewards by contributing at different levels.

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It Is Possible

It is only impossible until you do it.

This is the lesson I have been learning throughout my life both personally and professionally.

The biggest obstacle to my success and accomplishing things I never thought I could is my own mindset. If I think I can’t do it I can’t. If I decide to do it I can do it.

I love to hike and frequently hike locations like Watkins Glen State Park. I sometimes see people running the trails there and I think I could never do that. Well guess what? Today I did it. I went on a group run hosted by the Southern Tier Running Club. We ran the south rim trail at Watkins Glen State Park. I never thought I could and now I know I can.

Never thought I’d run for fun and exercise: Now I run regularly and have run 5k’s, 10k’s, a trail run, and a half marathon.

Never thought I could be a vegetarian: Now I have been meat free for over a year.

Watkins Glen State Park_July 24, 2015_731
Watkins Glen State Park: A view from the gorge trail.

I never thought I could sell my photography in a gallery: Done.

I never thought I could be a published photographer and writer: Done.

I never thought I would have my own gallery show: Done.

These are just a few of the things I have accomplished that at one point in my life I thought I could never do. Once I changed my mindset about each individual goal and decided to do it I was able to succeed. Now I am trying to push myself to accomplish even more that I never dreamed of.

Watkins Glen State Park_July 24, 2015_546-2
Watkins Glen State Park: The view at the entrance to the gorge trail.