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I’m going to give it to you straight. I am not really a cat person. My wife might dispute this and tell you that deep down in the depths of my heart I am definitely a cat person. But I will refute that to the day I die. So, you may be thinking, if you are not a cat person why are you writing a blog post about cats? I’ll take a… Read More

Sometimes you capture a photo you love. But when you go back and look at that image it is hard to remember what exactly what was going on. I know this photo was taken during Christmas. I know it is a photo of our dog Bella. But other than that I really do not know what was happening in this image. All I know and all that matters to me is that… Read More

I spent several years volunteering at our local animal shelter. I would take photographs of the animals there that they could use to show what animals are available for adoption on their website and social media. High quality photograph go a long way to helping shelter pets find homes. I would really like to bring this back as part of my regular work in photography. This cute cat was so interested in… Read More

Last year during my 2021 one photo a day project I am pretty sure I photographed our cats more than ever before. Our cat Peaches has the coolest contrast fur. And she has bright green eyes. She is the perfect photography subject most of the time. Especially if she is sitting in her cat tower. She will just sit there and allow me to do whatever I want to with my photography…. Read More

The look you get when times are desperate and your long harried cat needs a hair cut. Paisley is a beautiful long haired Maine Coon type cat. We adopted her from our local SPCA. I could have shared a photo of her where she looks beautiful. But I think the look on her face in this photo tells the story of how she really feels about the human interlopers in her kingdom…. Read More

I enjoy taking photographs of all of our pets. One tool I have recently begun using to do that are Lume Cube Panel Mini lights. They are great for adding some additional light to low light situations. When I was crating this photo I was trying to convince Monkey to approach and settle down where I had set up the lights. She more than obliged. Monkey really wanted to check out these… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 340. I finally received some larger sized backgrounds for photography that had been on back order. And I was excited to give them a try. I thought I would use them in conjunction with photographing some portraits of one of our cats. Our cat Paisley has been really friendly lately and was hanging around my office already. I thought it would be easy to lure her… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 326. I think our cat, Peaches, has a real mischievous look to her in this photo. And that’s kinda funny because she is actually the least mischievous cat we’ve ever had. I used my white background to create a nice clean look for the background. That makes the subject of the portrait stand out. Peaches wasn’t sure what to make of the background. She was a… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 321. I feel like I haven’t don’t any pet portraits lately. I wanted to try using one of my solid backgrounds in conjunction with photographing one of our pets. Using the background with one of the animals would be interesting but have potential for really cool results. Our cat, Monkey, was up in her cat tower. I was able to set up the background behind her…. Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 264. Peaches is such a calm and timid cat. 90% of the time she is either hiding from us or a dog or she is trying to quietly sneak across the room to solicit a little attention. She doesn’t run around and chase things. The only time she has any attitude is when she hisses at and occasionally chasses our other cat Monkey. Even though she… Read More

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