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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. I love these huge tri color dogs. They share the same coloration as my beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has short hair in contrast to the Bernese Mountain Dog’s long fur. Both breeds are about the same height. But the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog generally carries more weight on their frame. They are pretty thick powerful looking dogs. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog… Read More

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is one of several swiss mountain dog breeds. These dogs are so adorable. I am not sure if I like the Entlebucher Mountain Dog because of the similarities to my favorite breed the Bernese Mountain Dog. Both breeds of dogs have similar colors and markings in their fur. However the Entlebucher Mountain Dog has short fur. The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is very similar in proportion the the Bernese… Read More

Bernese Mountain Dogs are our favorite breed of dogs. We have shared our home with 7 different Bernese Mountain Dogs. We probably spend more time watching the Bernese Mountain Dogs at the dog show than any other breed. It has been really fun being around the Bernese Mountain Dogs during dog shows. It lead to us making friends with other Bernese Mountain Dog lovers. We were even introduced to and joined our… Read More

We recently did something that from the outside probably seemed rather rash to most people. We woke up one day with no immediate plans to get a puppy and the next day we had added a new puppy to our family. While it was sudden and unexpected it was not exactly unplanned. It was less rash from inside our little bubble than it may seem for anyone seeing our updates on social… Read More

I am in the process of sorting and editing a large number of dog photos from 2016 right now and I am in a section of Bernese Mountain Dogs. This dog looks so happy I just had to share the photo.

Over the weekend our ten year old Bernese Mountain Dog was involved in an accident and required some extensive surgery. His surgery included fixing broken bones with hardware and repairing a dislocated hip. There was a broken bone in his foot, in his lower leg. The dislocated hip required a femoral head osteotomy.

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