Bear was a fairly animated dog when I spent time with him to photograph him. He was very curious about just about everything. He spent the whole time outside exploring the large enclosure.

Bear_April 11, 2016_69


Bear investigated all the smells. Bear spent a fair amount of time looking out of the enclosure staring at things that he found interesting. Bear also became very interested in sounds. Whenever he heard a noise he would look for the source. It was difficult to tell if he was listening to and watching the birds but that seemed to be a possibility as they were quite busy and noisy nearby.

Bear is a friendly guy who is searching for the next thing to entertain him. Maybe that something is you? Bear would love you forever if you provided him with some joyful fun entertainment.

SPCA_April 11, 2016_116


Come meet Bear at the Chemung County SPCA. He might just steal your heart.

I am currently working on a project to literally display how great shelter dogs are and bring more attention to them. You can learn more about my project here: Shelter Dogs at the Museum. Please consider contributing to the campaign or sharing the project with your friends on social media.

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Great photos of dogs at the shelter help dogs find homes faster. The faster shelter staff can connect dogs with their forever homes the better for everyone. Dogs get to go home and humans get to start a life with a new best friend.

Help me make an impact on the lives of shelter dogs and the humans who adopt them by contributing to my campaign.

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