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Lure Coursing. I love watching dogs do what they do. This is especially true when dogs use the full potential of what makes them dogs. Watching dogs run full speed. Legs moving as fast as can be in hot pursuit. This is a sight to see. Dogs chasing the lure around a predetermined course. Hot on the tail of the lure. The dogs are so excited and ready to go. Joy and… Read More

I’ve spent today editing and sorting some old photographs. I was working on a series of photographs from from lure coursing events I photographed. I really like this series I captured of this medium sized wired haired white dogs enjoying some lure coursing. Check it out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Check out this gorgeous dog lure coursing.

I am trying to sort and edit some of the many photos that still remain in my backlog. I finished one events worth of photos from last month. Now I have moved on to something farther in the past. Some Lure Coursing from 2014. That is where the last two photos are from. Enjoy me editing my past. The camera just loves this dog.

In case you can’t tell by my posts lately, I have been editing a bunch of my back log of dog photos. I love this photograph of this Dalmatian as he realizes the lure coursing target has changed directions and he starts to wheel around to chase after it. I added a little editing to the photo to give it a more creative look.

I just wanted to stop and quickly share a photo I love as I am sorting and editing photos I have taken.

I photographed my first Lure Coursing event today. Check out the photos.

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