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Lure Coursing. I love watching dogs do what they do. This is especially true when dogs use the full potential of what makes them dogs. Watching dogs run full speed. Legs moving as fast as can be in hot pursuit. This is a sight to see. Dogs chasing the lure around a predetermined course. Hot on the tail of the lure. The dogs are so excited and ready to go. Joy and… Read More

One of my favorite aspects of this dog show is that there is always agility competition during the show. If conformation is about making sure dogs are physically healthy then agility is about making sure a dog can be a dog. In agility we see dogs honed. All the crazy things we see our dogs do that amaze us but are often one offs are taken to a new level during agility…. Read More

Over the years we have had many fun experiences with dogs. We have had the opportunity to have foster dogs pass through our homes. It is always an interesting and often exciting time to have new dogs around. So much fun and energy in the group of dogs that the dog featured in this photograph came to our home with. The group of puppies got along so well. All the puppies even… Read More

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Like many dog breeds, I have not seen much of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon at dog shows. I love the look of these dogs. Although I wouldn’t even know how to describe it. Medium long wiry fur coat. The fur is colored brown and gray. The dogs head is mostly brown. This description really does not do the dog justice. I think this is just a breed of… Read More

The Standard Schnauzer. Most people would probably think of the Standard Schnauzer as a show dog competing in conformation at a dog show. I love seeing dogs turn that on its head. Seeing dogs do something other than what one might expect is a joy. I don’t think I have had the good fortune of seeing a Standard Schnauzer compete in Obedience Trails other than this one time. It is cool to… Read More

The Standard Poodle. When I say poodle I know what image instantly comes to mind. It is the same for me. It is what we all imagine. We all see that immaculately groomed Standard Poodle. Hair blown out into big puffballs. A look that seems to serve no purpose. Our perception of the Standard Poodle is heavily influenced by what we see. To our minds this image makes usd think of the… Read More

The Saint Bernard. This is my favorite type of image to capture. Moments of people with their dogs. Those simple times we spend just being in the presence of our amazing dogs that we love so much. I was happy to be able to capture an image of this person siting with their old Saint Bernard just relaxing and watching the dog show. Photo details: Nikon D300. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8. Focal length… Read More

The Shetland Sheepdog. Shetland Sheepdogs are super athletic little dogs. I have watched Shetland Sheepdogs make quick work of many agility courses. Shetland Sheepdogs seem to be one of the breeds most frequently entered in agility competitions and when you see them perform you can understand why. When you watch a dog compete in agility sometimes everything happens so fast that you can’t really notice the details. That is one thing I… Read More

The Saluki. Salukis have a cool elegant look to them. Not a particularly fancy looking breed of dog, but they have this simple elegance in the way they present themselves. When I see them I see the athlete in them. Because I am a runner I definitely see the runner in them. The dog that wants to be on the move. They look to my like they have the body of an… Read More

The Rhodesian Ridgeback. I love Rhodesian Ridgebacks. For me they are just about the perfect combination of size and agility. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large dog that is also strong and muscular looking. But not only that they can get around and move. I love that they are known for being dogs that guard animals against lions. As a runner the fact that they have a great deal of endurance is… Read More

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