Stayin Alive, Staying Alive, Plants Are Stayin Alive

I always try to keep my annuals alive as long as possible. When the weather gets cold enough that it starts to frost sometimes over night I move the annuals around. I move all my annual flowers out to our front porch where they will be under a roof so should not get frosted.

Gerbera Daisey outside during November in NY

Lately the weather ahs been particularly cold. Even with the protection from frost that the roof overhead provides many of the annual flowers are starting to look a little unwell. So I wanted to get outside and take one last crack at photographing annual flowers outside for this year.

I was really happy that my annuals were still flowering right into November. They even had some blossoms nice enough for good photos. After this photo session I moved all the annuals down into our basement where I take them to overwinter. They eventually go dormant. Then I bring them back out in the next spring and see which one will return. The Gerbera Daisies seem to do particularly well with this method and often return the next year.

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