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I always try to keep my annuals alive as long as possible. When the weather gets cold enough that it starts to frost sometimes over night I move the annuals around. I move all my annual flowers out to our front porch where they will be under a roof so should not get frosted.

As I have explored flowers through my photography I have learned there are many different varieties of Hydrangea. I became so enamored with the Hydrangea flowers that I wanted to have one I could see and photograph regularly. I ordered a Hydrangea bush from the Arbor Day Foundation. Then I planted that small sapling bush along the side of my house. The tiny Hydrangea plant has grown rapidly. It is now one… Read More

In this macro photo the focus is right at the center of the flower. This photo of a Cosmos flower was shot with a shallow depth of field. The center of the flower is farther away from the lens of the camera than the petals or the green foliage around it. So the farther we look away from the center of the image the more out of focus the rest of the… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 272. I love planting perennials that will return year after year for us to enjoy and for our wildlife to enjoy. This perennial is currently growing in a pot until I transplant it to a safe place in our yard. Many perennials only bloom for a relatively short period of time over the course of the year. But this flower has been blooming long and strong… Read More