One Photo A Day | Day 354 | Evening Sky In NY

One photo a day challenge: Day 354.

For a while we were having a good stretch of beautiful sunset skies.

It has not been the case in recent weeks.

I can’t remember the last time I had the opportunity to photograph a nice sunset.

It doesn’t help that half the time I am not home from work yet as the sun is setting.

But I have really been wanting to photograph a nice sunset.

Today it was sunny for most of the day.

As the sun set tonight there was a little bit of color to the sky. However, there weren’t many clouds to catch the light.

But I was desperate. I really wanted some nice sky photography. So I worked with what I was given.

I combined a couple of different presets that I like in Lightroom to warm up the tones of the sky and bring out more detail.

Evening sky in New York

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