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When I first began to get interested in photography I was most interested in photographing wildlife. The first wildlife subjects that captivated me were birds of prey. This is in part because birds of prey are some of the most accessible wildlife to photograph where I live. And they were also captivating because of growing up loving nature and wildlife as a kid these were the types of birds I was fascinated… Read More

Different times of the year over a variety of different things to enjoy in nature. One of the most distinct times of year is the transition from Winter to Fall in the northern hemisphere. Especially the farther north you live. Here in New York there is so much that I look forward to. Spring in New York is a time of change. Nature begins to reclaim the earth in ways that shriveled… Read More

I think this is such a cool shot of Turkey Vultures. It isn’t very often that you have the opportunity to photograph Turkey Vultures in flight and be at eye level if not a little above their flight. I also have not had many opportunities to photograph Turkey Vultures this close and actually capture more than one bird in the frame at the same time. Letchworth State Park seems to be a… Read More

I love birds. Especially birds of prey. Owls are such a unique type of birds. I have not had many opportunities to photograph them in the wild. However, I have had opportunities to see them up close in other circumstances. It is really fun to get to look at them so close up. Being able o study them and see their mannerisms. Creating these nice close up photographs of these owls was… Read More

Create photographs wherever and whenever you can. The zoo is a great place to practice your craft. This portrait of a Barn Owl at the zoo turned out beautifully. Photo Details: Nikon D300. 300mm f/4. Teleconverter. Focal Length 420mm. 1/320 second. f/5.6. ISO 1600

It is so great when a majestic bird lands in a dead tree. The nice open view is so enjoyable. The bright sunlight shining on the side of the Red Tailed Hawk creates such a cool look. The shadows on one side and the bright luminance on the opposite side. It even creates a shadow around the eye. If you love birding and want to get good looks at raptors it could… Read More

One of my favorite places to watch and photograph birds is Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge sits atop Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. There are just so many opportunities to see so many different varieties of birds. There are opportunities to see birds you’ve never seen or see birds seldom seen in new ways. I’ve seen Northern Harriers off in the distance from time to time…. Read More

Sometimes there are only limited options for getting the shot. On occasion a subject simply doesn’t exist except under very specific circumstances. Being a nature, wildlife, and bird lover I have attended a birding event held by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology on a couple of occassions. They have amazing birds that they use for educationsl purposes. This is an amazing opportunity to see beautiful animals up clos and personal in ways… Read More

If you see an American Kestrel perched in a tree it is easy to think that is is just another pretty song bird. They are beautiful birds. They had interesting markings along their heads and wings. They have bright orange hues coloring their feathers. They are rather small birds. Easy to mistake for a song bird. But they may just as easy eat a song bird for lunch. American Kestrels are indeed… Read More

Growing up I loved animals. I was very interested in wildlife. But I did not grow up with much exposure to wildlife in any real way in my actual in person experience. I remember being fascinated with animals though. One animal that always interested me was the Bald Eagle. Bald Eagles are simply iconic. They are the bird often seen soaring overhead in movies, despite the sound often played with them often… Read More

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