It’s about more than just running | Its about fun

Trail running is a lot of things. It is something different for everyone. The longer we go the crazier we may seem.

Maybe we are all a little crazy. And maybe that is why we can still find some fun in these crazy events.

Jump for joy

Running can be serious. And Running can be fun. It can be both things at the same time or at different times over the course of a long day.

Sometimes I wish I spent more time just having fun when I was running. But sometimes we feel the pressure to get things done in our training to meet our goals. Lets no take this adventure we get to go on for granted. Lets not suck the joy and wonder out of it. Take time to have some fun.

Wings out

I am always inspired by people who are clearly having fun when they are out running or racing. People having fun is just as inspiring for me as high performance people.

Make sure you take the time to allow yourself to have fun. Enjoy the simple things about a run. Have fun out on the trails with your friends. Enjoy the food even. But most of all have a good time.

Oreos are perfect trail food
Showing off M&M’s

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