12 hour finish photos | Hills Creek Challenge

Hills Creek Endurance Challenge 12 hour finish.

I enjoy creating race photography. Seeing people out there on the course. People putting in the effort. I love that.

I don’t often do finish line photos. As in I don’t just sit at the finish line and photograph every runner as they cross the finish line. It is just not my style and often doesn’t capture the whole experience of a race the way I would like to. Most often its about the journey not the literal finish.

However, there is something special in a long timed event. The finish is different for everyone. All the runners may run for different amounts of time and different distances. I don’t know and maybe they don’t even know when that last lap will be.

But there is something special about being at the finish line at a 12 hour event. Seeing the sun literally set on a day of challenge. 12 hours is a long time to be on your feet no mater how far you travel. It is a serious undertaking.

So, being present at the finish line, watching people take themselves to the max, capturing those moments is special to me. Pushing onward until the very end. Getting every last step you can on the course. Taking every last second off the clock.

Putting in maximum effort. Standing the test of time. Everyone out there for their own reasons.

Friends still having fun and laughing until the very end of a long day.

Everyone tired and worn down for a long days work.

Some people still able to put a smile on their faces despite the undeniable pain of a 12 hour day.

Running it in to the finish line one last time with our loved ones.

That is what a 12 hour trail event is all about.

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