Colorful, Fast, And Elusive | Warblers

I have developed a great fondness for birds over the years of my photography. I always enjoy seeing new and different birds. The more you spend time watching birds the opportunities to find new birds are fewer and farther in between. You’ve now seen all the obvious birds.

To find birds you haven’t seen or don’t see often you may have to look closer. Look deeper. Small birds are often overlooked or go unseen.

Blackburnian Warbler

Warblers are some of the smallest varieties of birds. They are often small and fast moving. This makes them difficult to see especially if you are not specifically looking for them. Warblers also often spend their time in the woods or moving through thick bushes and brush. So, warblers are even more challenging to see in that way.

What makes warblers such a joy to see and actually aides in being able to see them is that warblers are often brightly colored. So, when you see that blur of yellow or streak of red flash by try to notice where it went. Keep watching and just try to notice any movement. Warblers do not seem to sit still for long. So, if you just try to be aware of any movement you can often track down these small brightly colored birds.

Chestnut-Sided Warbler

Warblers can be seen in all sorts of environments. Keep your eyes open at your local park. See the warblers moving from bush to bush. In wetlands watch as the warblers zigzag among the tall reads stopping just long enough for you to get a look and if you are lucky snap a photo. Even deep in the forest you might have a chance to see a bright flash of color in what may be a more drab view dominated by deep greens and browns.

Warblers being so hard to see and photograph is part of the reason I don’t have photographs of as much of a variety of the species of warblers as I would like to. Often when I see a new warbler species it is in less than ideal photography conditions. So, if I get a photograph at all they often are not great photos.


Then there are the few species of warblers that if I go out and look for them I can actually capture quite a few photographs of them on a given outing. Given my passion for photography and sharing my art with people, these are the birds I enjoy the most. It is great to see a new bird for the first time or see something you’ve rarely seen. But, for me I am in this to create art and share my love of wildlife with the world. I can’t do that if I can’t get good photographs. So I lean towards the more photogenic species of warblers.

If you enjoy wildlife, birds, and/or photography go outside today and see if you can spot some of these tiny colorful speedsters flying through life.

Prairie Warbler

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