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When you go out looking for birds to photograph during migration season its possible to see a species of bird once and never see it again. I love my favorite local birding spot for this. I can see all the typical birds from our area. Then I can see more usual migratory birds. And if I am lucky I can see a bird that is not as typically found in our area… Read More

Pied-billed Grebes are small duck like birds. They are often found swimming around on ponds or lakes. For me the Pied-billed Grebe is a difficult bird to photograph a lot of the time. I don’t use really long telephoto lenses and the Pied-billed Grebe is small and often stays at a distance. But they are a fun and challenging bird to photograph and it creates a good way to work on my… Read More

Horned Grebes are birds that migrate through my area in the early spring. When you see Horned Grebes you can easily tell the males and females apart. Their coloration is different. At least during the spring migration. Male Horned Grebes are darker overall, especially on their head and necks and the males have a bright swash of bright color that is the “horn” they are names for. Female Horned Grebes are not… Read More

The Wood Duck is a bit smaller than the more common duck the Mallard. Wood Ducks are a brightly colored beautiful bird in the male ducks of the species. This is probably the way one most often sees them photographed. I often like the more subtle colors in birds. The female wood duck is a beautiful more subtle shade of colors. In my recent photography adventures with the Wood Duck I was… Read More

The Ruddy Duck is one of the variety of birds I often look for during spring migration. I try to stop at one of our local parks that features a pond regularly looking for migrating birds in the early spring. Some days are better than others. Sometimes I don’t see any migratory birds passing through. Other days I am treated to a wide variety of migrating birds al in one visit. It… Read More

The Ring-necked Duck is a perfectly fine duck. But to me it is a misnamed duck. I don’t think I have ever seen a Ring-necked Duck that actually has a ring on their neck. So maybe I am misidentifying them. Very possible. Or the ducks were named for a duck that did have a ring on its neck, but that is not actually the most common variation in the birds plumage. Maybe… Read More

Redhead ducks are beautiful birds. The Redhead features multiple colors across its body. Gray lower body and abdomen. A black chest. And of course the red head for which the Redhead duck is so named. All the colors fit together beautifully. They are all in these deeper darker tones. Not brilliant and standing out so much. There is this subtle dignified beauty to the colors of the Redhead. I was able to… Read More

I have really enjoyed trying to create more environmental style wildlife photography. Photographs of wildlife like the Northern Pintail that really show the environment in which the wildlife lives. When I am out birding this has taken place by composing photographs that shoe the birds like this Northern Pintail but also show the foreground vegetation one might have to be looking through in order to actually see them. Northern Pintails are not… Read More

One cool aspect of living in a place where there is at least some access to wildlife on a regular basis is you get to see birds nest and having babies. One of our local parks is a site where Mallard Ducklings can be seen regularly during the time of year when they are hatching. If I wanted I could probably go to the park every day and photograph the ducklings each… Read More

A Common Eider is a large duck that lives at sea. I do not live near the ocean. Therefore seeing a Common Eider was one of the many fun features of one of our vacations. We enjoy going places where we can explore nature. One of those places is Acadia National Park in Maine. There are so many amazing natural features to enjoy in Acadia. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see too… Read More