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This is literally one of my favorite times of the year for photogrpahy. You can show up to your local park and you never know what you might see. Why is that exactly? It is migration season. Birds who spend the spring and summer in our region are returning to our area. You never really know when they are going to show up. Then there are birds that migrate through our area… Read More

Horned Grebes are birds that migrate through my area in the early spring. When you see Horned Grebes you can easily tell the males and females apart. Their coloration is different. At least during the spring migration. Male Horned Grebes are darker overall, especially on their head and necks and the males have a bright swash of bright color that is the “horn” they are names for. Female Horned Grebes are not… Read More

The Ruddy Duck is one of the variety of birds I often look for during spring migration. I try to stop at one of our local parks that features a pond regularly looking for migrating birds in the early spring. Some days are better than others. Sometimes I don’t see any migratory birds passing through. Other days I am treated to a wide variety of migrating birds al in one visit. It… Read More

Ducks on a pond

I had planned to implement some new photography projects and services this year. However, with the Corona Virus and Social Distancing my plans like many of your plans are now on hold. One service I was planning to gear up for this year was offering photography workshops. My first series of workshops was to begin the first week of April. I wanted to lead workshops on photographing migrating birds in our area…. Read More

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