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The Nikon 50mm lens I use has the potential to be a versatile lens. A photographer could create a lot of different types of photography with this lens. The lens has a lot of potential. I can’t recall exactly why I decided to add this piece of equipment to my camera bag. If I had to guess I would imagine it was due to the fact that the lens has an f-stop… Read More

I think one area where we all struggle is in appreciating what is right in front of us. I think this especially applies to our home towns, local communities, and regions where we are from and spend most of our time. There are always people looking to throw shade on your home town and focus on the negative and dismiss the positive. Don’t let those people bring you down. Don’t let them… Read More

Over the years this blog has undergone a few different iterations and at one point I decided to expand it to include posts outside the range of photography. I have decided to refocus this particular blog back to photography and items related to it. If you have enjoyed my writings on other topics you can find those topics by following me on Medium: https://medium.com/@KRNaturalPhoto

There are many different things I enjoy in life. I feel like I have a very well rounded multifaceted life. It is always special when those different facets come together. The way things I love and enjoy in my daily life, the things I learn in my academic pursuits, and my life experiences intertwine always fascinates me. I have always loved sports throughout my life. I love watching sports, but I especially… Read More

I think I am going to try something new with my blog. The main focus will be on photography and nature but I will also blog about other events or subjects that interest me such as politics, animal behavior, and psychology. In the past I have not posted as much as I would have liked to because I always wanted to have a long written post including several photos ideally. Now some… Read More

About 6 months ago I began a new job. I was really looking forward to it. It was a big improvement from my previous jobs. The pay was excellent compared to my previous jobs. So that was a big upside especially in this economic climate.   Over the years I have been pursuing furthering my education in the field of psychology. My bachelor’s degree allowed me to get this new job. I… Read More