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The Standard Poodle.

When I say poodle I know what image instantly comes to mind. It is the same for me. It is what we all imagine.

We all see that immaculately groomed Standard Poodle. Hair blown out into big puffballs. A look that seems to serve no purpose.

Our perception of the Standard Poodle is heavily influenced by what we see. To our minds this image makes usd think of the Poodle as a very spoiled dog. The kind of dog that wouldn’t want to get its foot wet or mess up their hair.

So I wanted to share an image to shake that perception up a little bit. There is much more to a Standard Poodle than what we see in the show ring.

Take a look at a Standard Poodle in the agility competition. Hair groomed in a more functional manner.

The Standard Poodle having fun running and jumping and clearing hurdles.

Photo details: Nikon D500. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8. Focal length 170mm. ISO 400. 1/8000 sec. f/2.8.

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Thanks fo stopping by the blog. I hope you enjoyed this different look at a Standard Poodle.

Standard Poodle

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