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The Standard Schnauzer. Most people would probably think of the Standard Schnauzer as a show dog competing in conformation at a dog show. I love seeing dogs turn that on its head. Seeing dogs do something other than what one might expect is a joy. I don’t think I have had the good fortune of seeing a Standard Schnauzer compete in Obedience Trails other than this one time. It is cool to… Read More

Watching dogs and their humans participate in obedience trials is watching the peak of concentration. The dogs are so focused. Dogs watching and waiting. Looking at their humans. Focused determined. Looking for that next cue. The signal that will tell them what their next task is. Do this task. Then complete this challenge. Then our work is done. When I see the dogs do their work in obedience it is clear that… Read More

Watching a dog during an obedience trial is like watching a dog put on a clinic of all the things a dog can do. One of the most interesting things to watch the dogs do is on display in this photo of a Belgian Malinois. For this objective a set of identical objects are laid in the grass. The dogs human keeps one and rubs there hands over it to put their… Read More

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