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The Standard Schnauzer. Most people would probably think of the Standard Schnauzer as a show dog competing in conformation at a dog show. I love seeing dogs turn that on its head. Seeing dogs do something other than what one might expect is a joy. I don’t think I have had the good fortune of seeing a Standard Schnauzer compete in Obedience Trails other than this one time. It is cool to… Read More

The Miniature Schnauzer. I love the way the beard and long fur on this Miniature Schnauzer is swishing to the side as the dog trots across the show ring. I like it when I am able to get in close to a relatively small dog. I was able to photograph the Miniature Schnauzer with my 70-200mm zoom lens. And I didn’t even need to zoom in all the way to 200mm. Being… Read More

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