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One of my long time loves when it comes to dog breeds has been the Australian Shepherd. This is one dog breed I always dream about sharing my home with. But if it is going to happen it has to be jus tthe right time. Australian Shepherds are highly intelligent and highly energetic. That makes them great at doing things like agility with the proper training. Proper training, exercise, and jobs are… Read More

Australian Cattle Dogs are such cool looking dogs. They seem to have just a unique blend of characteristics. Thick medium length fur. An awesome speckled to merle coloration. But it seems to only come in two varieties that I have seen. The blue merle like color pictured below and a red color. They have pointy attentive ears. A thick rounded snout. And at the other end a pretty unique looking tail. A… Read More

Dogs love to have fun. Fun time for some dogs includes running the agility course at dog shows. I am always amazed at how well some dogs sit and wait patiently. Some dogs just sit wand wait for their handler to give them the que that it is time to take off. Then it is time to run and fly through the obstacles. But until then it is calm and relaxed. Hard… Read More

I love photographing dogs doing things they love. One of my favorite things to photograph dogs doing is agility. There are so many different angles and changes of direction when a dog is running an agility course that it can be difficult to follow and get good photos throughout the whole course. I am always really happy when I can capture a whole sequence of photos that show a dog moving through… Read More

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