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My family is full of dog lovers. Dogs have come into all of our lives in a variety of ways. Hiro was such an adorable dog who somehow ended up at our local shelter. My wife worked at the shelter at the time. We shared information about Hiro with people we knew. It was so nice when Hiro was able to be adopted by members of our family. That way a cool… Read More

Over the years we have had many fun experiences with dogs. We have had the opportunity to have foster dogs pass through our homes. It is always an interesting and often exciting time to have new dogs around. So much fun and energy in the group of dogs that the dog featured in this photograph came to our home with. The group of puppies got along so well. All the puppies even… Read More

The Standard Schnauzer. Most people would probably think of the Standard Schnauzer as a show dog competing in conformation at a dog show. I love seeing dogs turn that on its head. Seeing dogs do something other than what one might expect is a joy. I don’t think I have had the good fortune of seeing a Standard Schnauzer compete in Obedience Trails other than this one time. It is cool to… Read More

Our camping trip this year was supposed to be pet free. But, Surprise, here’s a dog into your life. We lost our dog Brynn and amidst our grieving the perfect opportunity to add a dog that will hopefully grow up into the perfect outdoor adventure dog fell into our laps. And when it comes to dogs, so often, we take those opportunities that just show up out of nowhere and bring a… Read More

We have had many dogs pass through our doors. Some dogs we were fortunate enough of share long portions of our lives with and others not so much. We have had a propensity for takin in dogs that have unique challenges. Some life events perhaps could be foreseen others could not. And every tale of the life of a dog spent with humans comes to its own unique end under unique circumstances…. Read More

How It Ended The last two years with Brynn have been hard. Harder for us than I think they were for her in many ways. She developed a back issue that that severely limited her strength and coordination in the rear of her body. The initial fear was that this was a severe degenerative disease. Fortunately this turned out not to be the case. Around the same time she developed her onset… Read More

We enjoy taking our dogs out whenever we can. This obviously includes going for walks. When we can we will take multipole dogs with us. As someone who is obsessed with both photography and dogs I always try to make this equally about photography as it is about out dogs. This local park is a perfect place for both dog walks and photography. There is a nice flat path to walk on…. Read More

Over the years we have had many dogs move through our homes. Some dogs or permanent residents and some dogs are only here for a short time. The dogs that are only here for a short time are dogs that we foster through local rescues and shelters. Sometimes dog need foster homes before they are ready to be adopted to their permanent homes. This dog is Chloe. She was a doing that… Read More

Brynn has been such an active and energetic dog through most of her life. Now she is facing health challenges that are limiting her mobility. She has loved camping with us. During two different trips she has enjoyed hiking and exploring. She ahs accompanied us as we hiked up mountains. Now that she can’t get around like she use to it makes us a little sad. But we still wanted to take… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 41. Today I decided to get back to one of my favorite subjects, my dogs. I could photograph my dogs all day every day. I love them. They also make great photography subjects for a variety of reasons. They are interesting, funny, and adorable. And most of the time they cooperate for me. No having to search out subjects or wait for the weather to be… Read More

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