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I always wanted a Husky. Then we had one. Now we have had Mojo the Husky for 14 years. Mojo has been with us longer than all but one dog that we have had. Mojo is such an odd dog, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. He often just wants to be alone. But he has been more affectionate in his old age. I love this high contrast portrait I… Read More

My family is full of dog lovers. Dogs have come into all of our lives in a variety of ways. Hiro was such an adorable dog who somehow ended up at our local shelter. My wife worked at the shelter at the time. We shared information about Hiro with people we knew. It was so nice when Hiro was able to be adopted by members of our family. That way a cool… Read More

The Siberian Husky. I think Siberian Huskies are some of the happiest dogs. They just always look happy. In every single photo that I take. I have always loved Siberian Huskies. I always wanted to have one. I have now been fortunate enough to share my home with one for the last 14 years. But that does not dull my joy and excitement at seeing them at dog shows. I still love… Read More

It feels so good to have such a long lived dog in our home. We’ve only shared our lives with one other dog for this long and only one other dog We’ve had has lived to be the same age as Mojo. They both had Husky blood. Mojo has been a presence in our lives for 14 years. And that is exactly how I would describe his involvement in our lives. He’s… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 234. When I photograph dogs at a dog show I am usually focusing on their movement. I like to capture moments in time as the dogs move across the show ring. I like seeing how they move. How they express themselves in the ring. Photographing their behavior during the show is always fun. Dogs are amazing creatures and capturing phots of them performing at their best… Read More

One photo a day challenge: Day 47. Another day of relentless winter weather here in upstate, NY. I couldn’t leave the house to go anywhere for photos. Trudging through the snow and ice with a camera didn’t feel inspiring today. I decided to just sit around the house with my camera out and ready and one of my lights out to light the scene. I thought this would be a good way… Read More

Starting on Wednesday at roughly 6 PM our dog Mojo began giving us another lesson in patience that can only be learned if you have dogs. Mojo got away from us when we were bringing him inside off his leash, never a good thing but not necessarily a catastrophe either with most dogs. But Mojo is a special case. A little information about Mojo will help you to understand. Mojo is our… Read More