One Photo A Day | Day 234 | Siberian Husky At The Show

One photo a day challenge: Day 234.

When I photograph dogs at a dog show I am usually focusing on their movement.

I like to capture moments in time as the dogs move across the show ring. I like seeing how they move. How they express themselves in the ring.

Photographing their behavior during the show is always fun. Dogs are amazing creatures and capturing phots of them performing at their best is always a fun challenge.

At this show there was an additional challenge.

The way this dog show was set up there was areas with very limited lighting. Really not even great for just viewing the dogs through ones own eyes. Never mind taking photos.

This photo was in a darker but not terribly lit area. But the light was so dim that photographing the dogs in motion was going to be very difficult. In order to do that I would have had to crank my ISO up to a level much higher than I would like. And that would introduce a lot of noise to the image.

What I did instead was try to focus on photographing dogs that are a lighter color. They won’t appear as dark to the image sensor so will have faster shutter speeds.

And I also tried to take more photographs of the dogs while there were still, instead of when they were moving. There were not as many opportunities to get good images of the dogs stationary as I would have hoped for.

But I did capture this gorgeous image of a Siberian Husky attentively looking at his handler.

Siberian Husky Portrait

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