One Phot A Day | Day 47 | Mojo Yawn

One photo a day challenge: Day 47.

Another day of relentless winter weather here in upstate, NY.

I couldn’t leave the house to go anywhere for photos. Trudging through the snow and ice with a camera didn’t feel inspiring today.

I decided to just sit around the house with my camera out and ready and one of my lights out to light the scene.

I thought this would be a good way to catch our dogs and cats in the middle of their normal daily antics. They did not really agree with me. Neither the dogs, nor the cats wanted anything to do with me or my camera.

Mojo yawning, waiting for me to go away so he can sleep. He eventually walked away.

I did manage to catch a few photos of the dog and cats that were basically asleep and too tired to just run away from me.

When no one wants to cooperate you take what you can get.

I do like how the angle of the image looking up at Mojo also reveals the artwork on our walls which is also mostly dog related.

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2 Comments on “One Phot A Day | Day 47 | Mojo Yawn

  1. I like this image. Pets can be great subjects. I’m in Texas. We’re in a deep freeze and the water in my town has been turned off~~’m staying with my daughter so I feel displaced and my motivation for taking new images is at an all time low. My photo-a-day on Flickr is suffering, so I’ll probably have to go into my files to keep up with the project. Your blog just might be what keeps me going for my personal challenge.

    • I hope your situation down in Texas improves quickly. I am glad my blog could help inspire you to keep going with your project. You can do it. Your blog might inspire someone else in turn.

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