Happy 14th Birthday Mojo

It feels so good to have such a long lived dog in our home. We’ve only shared our lives with one other dog for this long and only one other dog We’ve had has lived to be the same age as Mojo. They both had Husky blood.

Mojo has been a presence in our lives for 14 years. And that is exactly how I would describe his involvement in our lives. He’s never been a particularly friendly or social dog. He’s much more aloof.

And when I look at the definition of aloof I think it particular suits him. Not friendly or forthcoming. Nope. Mojo is not running up to you to day hi. Cool and distant. Check. Mojo isn’t giving you slobbery dog kisses. Conspicuously uninvolved and uninterested. Check and check. Mojo doesn’t really care what the humans or even other dogs are up to. Most often Mojo is in an otherwise unoccupied room. And if we enter his room he most likely will depart shortly thereafter.

If Mojo decides to share a room with his housemates it’s I’d generally from a distance. Often curled on a dig bed or in the corner. Never paying any attention to us.

Mojo has always lived in his own little world. That world often includes hanging out outside despite our attempts to get him to come in the house. Pouring rain, freezing cold, snowstorms. All of them are reasonably more comfortable for Mojo than human interaction. Honestly I can’t say I blame him.

As Mojo has gotten older it has become noticeable in some ways. He recently seems to have become very hard of hearing and possibly have some vision issues as well.

The only positive to come of Mojos aging is that as his senses decline he seems to come to us for reassurance more frequently. Mojo will approach for petting and scratches more often and stay for longer. He will even sit with us on the furniture. We’ll not really with us but nearby.

Mojo has also developed a fondness for a few stuffed animal dog toys. He never used to play with any toys. But now he can often be seen carrying a toy with him to wherever he is going to lay down. He even actively engages I’m playing with them. Squeaking them over and over at times. Something he never used to do.

So hopefully we have many more years of loving cohabitation with our stranger dog Mojo.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope you enjoyed the little update on our dog Mojo.

You can see another photo of Mojo as well as the other dogs that have lived with us in this gallery, Our Dogs.

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