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So many different things in my life have had a bigger impact on me than I could have ever imagined.

There was a time in my life when I don’t think I even knew that animal shelters were even a thing. Then over the course of my life my wife began volunteering at an animal shelter, then began working at the same animal shelter, then I began volunteering at the animal shelter. As a result of our relationship that evolved with this animal shelter we adopted multiple animals from the animal shelter. We became involved with other animal shelters and rescues. We rescued dogs from organizations that required a 6 our drive just to meet the dogs.

It is hard to believe that there was a period of life where dogs in general weren’t even really a part of my life. Now reflecting on the last 20+ years of my life shelter and rescue dogs have had an unimaginable impact on my life. Shelters and rescues and the dogs they care for allow so much joy and love to flow into the lives of others, myself included.

Gunner had fun playing with toys while at the local SPCA.

Connecting with shelter dogs

Before we even adopted our first dogs from a rescue or shelter I connected with the animals through volunteering. I was fortunate to connect with local organizations to use my skills as a photographer to try to make an impact. Studies show that high quality photography of dogs available for adoption increases adoption rates. I really tried to highlight the best of the dogs awaiting their forever homes. And hopefully my photography allowed potential adopters to see the dogs in a new light and make a faster connection to the animals and want to if nothing else go to the shelter and maybe meet the animals.

Close-up photo of the diminutive Mrs. Smushnoseington during her stay at the local SPCA.

Even if that didn’t result in an adoption it gave the animals at the organizations a little time to connect with humans. And maybe my photography resulted in forever homes being found just a little faster bringing love and joy into the lives of both humans and dogs faster. If my photography made even the slightest impact in the loves of the dogs or their humans I am truly humbled.

Most of the dogs we have shared our lives with have come from shelters and rescues. I could not imagine what our lives would be like without these organizations and the animals they devote their lives to caring for.

Penelope ready to play at the SPCA.

Shelters and rescues

Shelters allowed me to meet and develop a deep love for pit-bull type dogs. I had never met any and wasn’t really looking to. But once you are immersed n their energy it is hard not to fall in love. We eventually adopted our first pit-bull, Brynn. Then not too long after our second, Paxton.

The biggest softest most loving dog ever came to use from our local animal shelter. Kira, was Bernese Mountain Dog/Mastiff mix. My wife and I both fell in love with her fully not intending to adopt another dog at the time. But shelter dogs melt your heart and then you bring them home and they enrich your life for as long as you have with them.

Bogart was one of the first shelter dogs I ever photographed way back in 2011 and I still love him.

The first breed of dogs that we truly fell in love with was the Bernese Mountain Dog. We have been so fortunate to have brought three Bernese Mountain Dogs home from rescue. They have been some of the sweetest dogs we have shared our homes with. If there is a breed you love search and see if there are rescues near you where you can adopt one. You will not regret bring home your favorite dog breed from a rescue.

If you are thinking about bring a dog into your life take a minute to do a quick search for your local rescue and animal shelter organizations.

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