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Over the years we have had many fun experiences with dogs. We have had the opportunity to have foster dogs pass through our homes. It is always an interesting and often exciting time to have new dogs around. So much fun and energy in the group of dogs that the dog featured in this photograph came to our home with. The group of puppies got along so well. All the puppies even… Read More

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Like many dog breeds, I have not seen much of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon at dog shows. I love the look of these dogs. Although I wouldn’t even know how to describe it. Medium long wiry fur coat. The fur is colored brown and gray. The dogs head is mostly brown. This description really does not do the dog justice. I think this is just a breed of… Read More

The Windsprite (Whippet – Long Haired). The Windsprite is a relatively newer breed. One I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with. I was invited to photograph a breed specialty event. I was able to watch these graceful animals compete in agility. They showed in conformation. And then they ran in lure coursing. It was a really fun day. I love the combination of coat length and color on this… Read More

The Whippet. I like this photo of a Whippet and their handler as they begin to move around the dog show ring during conformation. Whippet’s are one of three dog breeds often at dog shows that have a similar look to them. The Whippet, The Greyhound and the Italian Greyhound. The most noticeable difference between the three breeds is their size. The Whippet is the medium size between the larger Greyhound and… Read More

The Welsh Springer Spaniel. Trotting around the show ring at a state park in New York. This Welsh Springer Spaniel look so happy. So much energy expressed in this dog’s face. I love the trail of spots up the dogs snout and onto its forehead as the brown migrates from its nose up the white stripe to the top of its head. There the white stripe parts two beautiful rusty brown patches… Read More

The Weimaraner. I really adore the Weimaraner. I can’t really explain why. I’ve never had an interaction with a Weimaraner. Their color is alluring. The look in their eyes. Combine the color of their coat with the color of their eyes and it poses some kind of ghostly aura. This portrait shows off both of those qualities that draw me to the Weimaraner. Photo details: Nikon D300S. Nikon 300m,m f/4. Focal length… Read More

The Vizsla. I love it when I have a chance for a really nice in close shot. A close up portrait of just the dogs head. Being able to see all the details. The texture in the nose. Each fleck of hair a different color. The brilliant color of the eyes. And even the adorably flipped over ear. This Vizsla is so adorable. Take time and get up close to your subject… Read More

Watching the end of a group competition in conformation is fun and exciting. Seeing the dogs the judge selects as they form their short list of top candidates for the win. The dogs and handlers line up and show their stuff one last time for the judge. Then the judge selects the best dog in the group. I love it when the handlers and dogs react to the win with joy and… Read More

The Standard Schnauzer. Most people would probably think of the Standard Schnauzer as a show dog competing in conformation at a dog show. I love seeing dogs turn that on its head. Seeing dogs do something other than what one might expect is a joy. I don’t think I have had the good fortune of seeing a Standard Schnauzer compete in Obedience Trails other than this one time. It is cool to… Read More

The Standard Poodle. When I say poodle I know what image instantly comes to mind. It is the same for me. It is what we all imagine. We all see that immaculately groomed Standard Poodle. Hair blown out into big puffballs. A look that seems to serve no purpose. Our perception of the Standard Poodle is heavily influenced by what we see. To our minds this image makes usd think of the… Read More

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