Yay, New Dog Breeds | Wine Country Circuit Dog Show | New York

One thing I love about dog shows is discovering new dog breeds. Having the opportunity to be introduced to new dog breeds and learn more about dogs is one of the best things about dog shows.

I like to get the program for the dog show and looking at the Index of Breeds that lists all the different dog breeds that will be at the show and reading all the names to see if there will be a breed competing in the show that I have not seen before. Sometimes There are even dog breeds that I have never even heard of.

When I read through the list of dog breeds at this show today on day 2 of the Wine Country Circuit Dog Show there were two breeds I had never heard of before. Those two breeds get bumped to the top of my list of breeds I want to see and photography today.

Today I was able to see both the Barbet and the American Hairless Terrier. Both are breeds I had never heard of before let alone seen or photographed.

American Hairless Terrier

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