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One thing I love about dog shows is discovering new dog breeds. Having the opportunity to be introduced to new dog breeds and learn more about dogs is one of the best things about dog shows. I like to get the program for the dog show and looking at the Index of Breeds that lists all the different dog breeds that will be at the show and reading all the names to… Read More

Watching the end of a group competition in conformation is fun and exciting. Seeing the dogs the judge selects as they form their short list of top candidates for the win. The dogs and handlers line up and show their stuff one last time for the judge. Then the judge selects the best dog in the group. I love it when the handlers and dogs react to the win with joy and… Read More

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This is a breed of dog that has really grown on me over the years. I was never sure what to make of this and similar breeds of dogs. Spending time volunteering at our local shelter and seeing first hand and interacting with terrier mixes similar to these dogs really shaped me. Then having our own terrier mix at home for several years now really cemented it. The… Read More

The Scottish Terrier. This image really accentuates the size, or lack there of, of the Scottish Terrier. The length of a Scottish Terrier’s body is about one strides length. In this photo you can see that the head of the Scottish Terrier barely rises as high as the handlers knee. So that gives us an idea of how tall the Scottish Terrier is. Photo details: Nikon D300S. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length… Read More

Cairn Terrier. Small. Wiry hair. They have an almost bristly looking face. Like it would feel like hair brush. I like this shade of brown of coat color this dog has. This Cairn Terrier has good focus. They are paying attention to their handler even as the show judge is walking towards them. The judge is approaching the Cairn Terrier to examine them and see how closely the dog conforms to breed… Read More

The Boston Terrier is a pretty small dog. Although small the Boston Terrier does seem to have a pretty well proportioned body. The only feature other than its size that sets the Boston Terrier apart from many other dog breeds is how its nose is mostly flat and smooshed in against the front of its face. I love watching dogs run agility courses. Agility competition is even more interesting when there is… Read More

The Border Terrier is a small short haired dog. They have a short wire haired coat. Then on the face there are tufts of fur that form more of a longer beard and mustache type look around the snout. Border Terriers always look happy. Having fun trotting around the dog show ring. This photo shows a Border Terrier looking happy with their mouth open as they trot across the show ring for… Read More

I love this series of photos of this American Staffordshire Terrier moving through the weave poles during agility competition at the Wine Country Circuit Dog Shows at Sampson State Park in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate, New York.

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier is strutting his stuff at the 2016 Wine Country Circuit Dog Show in Upstate, NY.