One Photo A Day | Day 7 | Colton 2

One photo a day challenge day 7.

I headed down to my office tonight to perform my daily practice of one photo a day.

Our dog Colton followed me to my office and laid on the floor and whined at me as I got things ready for some photography.

Clearly a sign that he wanted to be my subject for today.

Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Colton.

I take a lot of photos of our dogs. This project will likely be more than 50% dog photos.

But, what I like about this photo is a little different than most dog photos I take. Usually I am trying to capture a crisp in focus image of a dog. Most of this photo is in focus. But there is a motion blur around Colton’s eye as he blinks mid photo. This is only able to happen because of the circumstances under which I am creating photos for this project.

I am shooting indoors. The lighting is not very bright. To make up for the low light the shutter speed has to be slower than I would typically use. The slow shutter speed means that motion in the photo will show up as some blur in some contrast to the crisp areas.

The shutter speed on this photo is 1/60 of a second.

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