One Photo A Day | Day 290 | Shape, Color, and Form

One photo a day challenge: Day 290.

Today I went outside at night to photograph flowers.

I took my Lume Cube panel mini lights out to illuminate the subjects.

I decided to photograph just one plant.

I chose the Strawflower. Still blooming strong even into the fall.

I worked with the variety of flowers still in bloom on the plant.

Trying to find different angles to view each blossom from.

Photographing each blossom from different distances. All close up but some closer than others.

I treid to render each flower in different combinations of shape and form and color.

Working with the light and different angles to show off certain parts of the flower.

Rendering other aspects of the plant as vague shapes and still others as just patches of color due to the very limited depth of field.

I was trying to create a different looking image that combined in focus items with out of focus items and the lighting to create an interesting combination of shape, color, and form.

Straw Flower Shapes

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