Unfair Advantage | Boston Terrier | New York

The Boston Terrier is a pretty small dog.

Although small the Boston Terrier does seem to have a pretty well proportioned body.

The only feature other than its size that sets the Boston Terrier apart from many other dog breeds is how its nose is mostly flat and smooshed in against the front of its face.

I love watching dogs run agility courses.

Agility competition is even more interesting when there is a dog I don’t normally associate with being an athletic breed participating.

I think most people would be surprised to see a Boston Terrier in the agility ring. I felt the same way.

During agility I often think of the tunnel obstacles as one of the most difficult aspects of an agility course. It seems like such a challenge to me because I favor larger dogs.

But for the Boston Terrier the tunnel is a much less significant challenge. The Boston Terrier runs right through the tunnel without having to crouch or duck at all.

So maybe the Boston Terrier actually has an unfair advantage in the agility competition due to its small stature.

Photo details: Nikon D300S. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/2500 sec. f/5.6.

Boston Terrier

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