One Photo A Day | Day 272 | Long Live Perennials

One photo a day challenge: Day 272.

I love planting perennials that will return year after year for us to enjoy and for our wildlife to enjoy.

This perennial is currently growing in a pot until I transplant it to a safe place in our yard.

Many perennials only bloom for a relatively short period of time over the course of the year.

But this flower has been blooming long and strong throughout the summer and into the fall.

Blossoms grow bloom and then go to seed. And new blossoms grow to replace the old ones.

I liked the curved and slightly upturned positioning of the petals ion this flower.

I photographed this flower from the back of the plant. Looking at the outside of the flower petals.

I lit the subject from an angle perpendicular to my camera lens using one of my Lume Cube lights.

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