One Photo A Day | Day 356 | Glistening Glitter

One photo a day challenge: Day 356.

Walking around the house thinking about what to photograph.

My first idea was to photograph some fresh bought produce that we had just picked up at the grocery store. Maybe an onion.

Then I walked by a shelf with a nice Christmas decoration on it. And my mind flipped into a totally different gear.

A jar. Frosted glass. Decorated with glitter. Merry Christmas written across it in glitter.

I thought this would be interesting to experiment with.

I set up a space to photograph using my clean backgrounds.

Taking shots from different distances and angles. Varied how the lighting was in different sequences.

Added a strand of Christmas lights.

Once I selected an image I liked the most I added a preset in Lightroom that made it pop.

The aspect of this photo that I like is simply the light. There is a variety of different looking lighting in this photos.

Direct light from the Christmas lights. Low light illuminating the jar. Light reflecting off the frosted glass of the jar.

And what I really like is all the variable ways the glitter is catching the lights and reflecting it back. And all the reflection sin the glitter have different looks to them due to the shallow depth of field and where the glitter is in the frame and how the light is hitting it.

The photo is really just one big abstraction.

Glistening Glitter

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