One Photo A Day | Day 357 | Sparkling Tree and Lights

One photo a day challenge: Day 357.

I have really loved the amount of experimentation this 365 day photo challenge has inspired in me. I am almost scared to stop at the end of the year because I might lose the motivation to try new things.

Todays photo:

Large black background photo background.

Sparkling Christmas tree decoration.

One strand of colored Christmas lights casting light on the tree creating the colored lighting on the tree.

One set of LED white lights. I spun them around the tree. Turning them on and off randomly to create swirling streaks of light.

Tree on desktop lowered down as low as it goes.

Camera on tripod.

Tripod set up on desk chair.

SONY Alpha 6000. Sony E 20mm f2.8. ISO 100. 30 second exposure. f/16.

Sparkling Tree and Lights

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