Discover The Beauty Of Worlds End State Park

So much of what I love in life has come through the intertwining of various passions I have in my life. Growing up with a love of nature. Discovering a love for photography, quite by accident. Trying to regain some level of fitness an shockingly developing a love for running.

One thing that I love feeds into another thing that I love which in turn enhances another aspect of my life. This is a virtuous cycle in my life. I have been so happy and fortunate to have really for the most part just fallen into the right activities at just the right part of my life that allowed everything to build and flow together.

The view from one of the scenic vistas around World’s End State Park.

Worlds End State Park

As I began to enjoy running more I became more interested in trail running. As I fell more in love with trail running my friends inspired me to take on an event I never thought I would. An ultra-marathon being held at Worlds End State Park in Pennsylvania.

Since first beginning to plan for this event I have been there to run for training or at the actual events a handful of times. But I have probably spent more time at the park and the surrounding area exploring with my camera now than I did running. Running introduced me to this beautiful and scenic location of Worlds End State Park and its surrounding area. If not for This inciting event of running a 50k there, Worlds End State Park would probably still be unknown to me. And I would be missing out on so much joy.

Dry Run Falls right near World’s End State Park in the Loyalsock State Forest.


There is so much to explore at Worlds End State Park and its surrounding area. For nature lovers there is almost any kind of natural feature you could want to see in any given region. There are miles and miles of hiking trails and they will take you anywhere you want to go in this area. All of the best features of this region can be accessed by following a trial and enjoying a nice hike. There are also many features you can access by car.

In the heart of Worlds End State Park there is the Loyalsock Creek which flows through the area and carves out a valley with beautiful stone walls on one side. There is an entire section of trails that crisscrosses through a beautiful section of forest but mostly stays close to some beautiful streams that also contain some nice waterfalls and cascades. If you enjoy natural features that are a little more majestic there are multiple large waterfalls in the area to enjoy as well. And each of these waterfalls requires a different amount of hiking to get to it.

The Loyalsock Creek flows through the valley at World’s End State Park.


If you enjoy relaxing near a calm body of water there is a beautiful pond you can hike or drive up to for a relaxing picnic. For nature lovers who like a sweeping vista there is something for you as well. There are multiple scenic overlooks to enjoy. Some can be accessed essentially by car and others require hiking.

And if what you really want is a good long adventure in nature this is the place for you. There are so many different trails in the area that you could plan endless routes to explore. Not least of which is the 60+ mile long Loyalsock Trail that essentially passes right through Worlds end State Park.

In the forest at World’s End State Park.

All of these aspects of the area make for amazing photography. So much variety to see and photograph. Practicing different skills with different subjects without even leaving the area. And as for photography and general enjoyment of nature I haven’t even talked about all the little things in nature to enjoy or wildlife one may encounter there.

Please if you are looking for a new natural area to enjoy, consider making your way to Worlds End State Park. You will not regret it.

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