One Photo A Day | Day 255 | Different Views Of Watkins Glen State Park

I went from a place I have hardly ever been to to a place I have been to more than most.

Today I visited Watkins Glen State Park. Probably my most visited location if not my most photographed.

I have actually been here quite a few times this year. Probably more than normal for me.

Today I wanted to make a trip to Watkins Glen State Park for a very specific reason.

My plan was to photograph the park using a new combination of gear I now have.

I Just bought a small Joby tripod and ball head to use with my small Sony mirrorless camera.

Normally when I photograph waterfalls I am using a zoom lens so I can create a multitude of different compositions without even moving.

However, the lens I was using on my Sony was a 20mm prime lens. No zoom.

I went into this thinking I would be limited in some way. Unable to capture the variety of images I normally do.

In some ways that was right. But in other ways that was very very wrong.

While it was true I couldn’t zoom. What I could do was position this small camera and small tripod in places and angles I simply could not with my standard set up.

This allowed me to photograph the park’s amazing features from different positions and angles I never could before.

The image below is one such photograph. This small tree was growing out of the rock wall on which I am standing. I would never have been able to get my standard rig into position for this photo.

I really wanted to focus on the tree. I am not sure that I nailed that aspect. But I think the photograph still turned out nicely.

Growth above the gorge

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